Product & Service

Product & Service

Started out with a small portfolio of Ringback tone services. Further developed the porfolio with Voicemail Tones and Celebrity Voicemail. Has since forged partnerships with Facebook & Twitter in delivering statuses via SMS and/or MMS. Also forging partnerships with various key organizations in delivering solutions to Mobile Operators.

Has Full suite of SMS, MMS, USSD & Mobile Apps. And not forgetting Voice (IVR) Services, as Mobile Operators are now looking at resuscitating their Voice Revenues and with the growing number of smartphone penetration, niche applications on the ever popular Android and IOS platforms.


Social Media

Airtime Transfer & Request

Contents Push & Pull

Bulk Messaging (SMS & Whatsapp)


We specialize in creating smart apps that requires backend integration towards Mobile Networks elements. Our expertise and experience in the Mobile Network environment allows us to do so. Such app that is available is our Smart Messaging app that captures Missed Called Notifications, Voice Mail as well as Celebrity Voice Greetings. Other customized apps can also be made available. Talk to us.

Network Best Smart Apps




Missed Call Alert (MCA)

A system that provides value-added information to mobile subscribers, both voicemail and non-voicemail users, by delivering notification message via SMS, in case the called party (B) cannot be reached when there was a call from the calling party (A).

Advertisement Insertion (MCA / Voicemail Notifications)

The Mobile Operator has also the opportunity to utilize MCA as a mobile advertising media i.e. by inserting promo content into the available space within the notification message. This means that the MCA platform can also ast as a Campaign Engine.

Mobile Concierge

  • Cloud based Call Completion Service which include Voice Mail and Miss Called Alert
  • Celebrity Voice Mail
  • Voice Transfomer – Magic Voice
  • Background Sound and Music
  • Voice Based Social Network – Voice Twitter, Voice Facebook
  • Mobile Karaoke and/or Song and Personal Dedication
  • Voice Chat which cover Star Talk
  • Push and Pull Voice content and information
  • Voice SMS
  • Voice Broadcast

Voice Services & IVR Platform

  • The Platform addresses the Zero Balance subscribers of the Operator. Currently, this is a lost opportunity for the Operators as a certain percentage of these subscribers still make an attempt to place a call.
  • Instead of either dropping the call entirely or playing the announcement message, the Mobile Concierge platforms provides the subscriber options to get in touch with called party (B).

Service Delivery Platform / Master Content & Application Platform

  • Rich & Large Content Catalog
  • Subscriber Profiling
  • Multi-Channel Advertising
  • Content Management and Aggregation with multiple content providers
  • Content charging and reconciliation reports
  • Multiple language support
  • High throughput and scalability

Data Analytics

  • We’re proud to partner with Cloudera in providing Data Analytics solutions.
  • Do contact us for further info.




Creating an Online Sales Management and Superbot in several minutes


Communication is essential to any business

live-agent for inbound & outbound calls or chats is costly

Customers demand a swift and prompt responses from service providers


Save Money

No more live-agents or sales admins

Make More Money

With 24/7 ordering capability

Push Notification

Send targeted promo to profiled customers



This Messenger code can be advertised offline on bunting, brochure, or pamplet OR online media ads

Once scanned, the code will direct cutomers to its dedicated link

Merchants’ Benefits

Operates 24/7

365 days, non-stop taking orders. No orders missed!

No Medical Leave

Will not face any issues with sudden replacements of staffs

Doesn't Go on Leave

Reduced staffing: our bots ensures continuous order takings

Systematic Dashboard

Never lose track of your business transactions

Competitive & Advantage

First to Market

For transaction-based bot marketplace

Ease of use

Our bot reside on Messenger, Telegram, LINE and WeChat

A.I. Capable

Our bots come with an AI capability. Conversationally and graphically

Lowest Transaction Fee

Botsphere takes RM0.50 per successful transaction

Systematic Customer Profiling

Our dashboard cater every data of customers and message them accordingly